If you are visiting the Joshua Tree area and get arrested, Attorney Rhea can usually appear in court without you having to be there. California law allows most criminal defendants to appear through their lawyer under Penal Code Section 977. In federal court (United States District Court), Joshua Tree Criminal Defense and DUI Attorney Joseph Rhea can appear for you pursuant to Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 43. 

But beware of hiring a Los Angles based law firm to appear in Joshua Tree.

Los Angeles firms almost always subcontract with other attorneys to make Joshua Tree appearances (and generally charge you more for each appearance they make). When you hire local Attorney Joseph T. Rhea, Mr. Rhea will defend your Joshua Tree case (state or federal) personally. Attorney Rhea also promptly returns calls and emails, so you will not be forced to wait around with unanswered questions or concerns.

For any of the following situations and geographic areas, the firm is available to diligently represent you.

Call Joshua Tree Criminal Defense and DUI Attorney Joseph T. Rhea
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