Have You Been Served With A Protective Order?

Protective orders are different from restraining orders in that protective orders are issued in cases where criminal charges have actually been filed. In every case where the defendant is charged with a crime of domestic violence, the court must consider issuing a protective order. Penal Code Section 136.2(a)(7)(B)(i). Criminal Protective Orders in domestic violence cases are generally characterized as “no contact” or “stay away” orders. All protective orders issued in domestic violence cases must prohibit the defendant from possessing, purchasing receiving, or attempting to purchase or receive firearms. You will also be required to give up any firearms in your possession. Penal Code Section 136.2(a)(7)(B)(i).

If you have been served with a protective order you need a domestic violence attorney immediately. Violating a protective order puts you at risk for immediate incarceration, so having the appropriate legal advice is crucial. It is possible to have protective orders modified, and made less restrictive. You will need an attorney to present your case to the court. Contact Attorney Joseph Rhea for help. 

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